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What to know when selling a vacation home

In November 2018, Vacasa surveyed 700+ U.S. residents who are interested in buying a property and renting it out as a vacation home. Here’s a sneak peek at the findings.

Buyers are building portfolios

Over half of vacation home buyers who intend to rent already own at least one additional home. 26% of buyers surveyed are looking to buy multiple vacation rentals.

Millennials are making the investment

23% of buyers are in their 30s, and they're 1.8x more likely to consider a vacation home for its investment potential than for personal vacation use.

Buyers are willing to purchase sight unseen

After visiting a location at least once, up to half of vacation rental buyers are open to buying a home sight unseen.

Agents are expected to have the answers

60% of buyers expect to find information on vacation rental purchases directly on their agent or broker’s website—ranking this resource above any other form of marketing, even search engines.

Vacation home purchase intent vs age of home buyer

In November of 2018, a sample of 721 verified respondents were surveyed from an online panel. Each was in the market to buy at least one additional home or condo that they were considering renting out as a short-term rental. From the 721 respondents, there were a total of 786 potential STR home purchases.