Vacation Rental Buyer Report

The best way to sell a vacation home? Know your buyer. Earn their trust and their business with our data on what today's buyers want most.
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Sneak peek: 3 top takeaways

Our 2021 Vacation Rental Buyer Report surveyed 700 people actively in the market to buy a vacation rental property—their mindsets, their behaviors, and the challenges they face. We strive to arm agents and brokers with meaningful insights they need to win in today's challenging market, and help them connect buyers to properties that meet their goals.

Read on for a preview of what you'll find in this year's report.

1. Welcome, new buyers

Nearly 70% of buyers will be making their first dive into investing in rental property, a significant jump from the 46% who were first-time buyers in 2019.

2. Buyers are gravitating to the coast

Buyers' preferred spot to buy is near the beach, followed closely by urban and lakeside locations.

3. Stand-alone houses are still preferred

Across generations, stand-alone houses remain the most popular investment. However, millennials are more likely to consider buying an apartment for their investment or vacation rental property, while baby boomers are more likely to consider buying a condo.

Vacasa surveyed 700 US consumers over the age of 18 who are in the market to buy a new property in the U.S., in addition to their primary residence, as either a vacation rental property or an investment property. All respondents either plan to rent out this additional property short-term or are undecided if they will rent it out short-term or long-term. Fielding was conducted by FocusVision and took place in March 2021.