Date last modified: April 30, 2020

In some circumstances, Vacasa may offer you a Future Stay Credit (“FSC”) in lieu of imposing a cancellation penalty that would otherwise apply. If Vacasa agrees to issue an FSC, the following conditions apply:

  1. Who Can Use the Credit. Only the Renter who made the original reservation for which the credit is being issued can use the FSC to pay for a future reservation. The FSC will be tied to the Renter’s email address as listed in the original reservation record.
  2. How to Use the Credit. An FSC may be used for a stay at any unit listed for rental on Vacasa.com. The FSC may be used toward the full cost of a reservation, including taxes and fees. To use an FSC, you may make a reservation on Vacasa.com (account required) or call a Vacasa reservationist at 800-863-8415 (U.S. and Canada) or +1-503-345-9399 (international).
  3. When the Credit Can Be Used. An FSC expires fifteen months from the date of issue, unless Vacasa specifies a longer expiration period in writing at the time of issue. The check-in date for a stay booked with an FSC cannot be later than the date the FSC expires.
  4. Cancellations. If you book a stay using an FSC and subsequently cancel the reservation, our standard cancellation policies apply. If Vacasa issues a refund, the refund for the portion of the reservation cost that was paid by FSC will be in the form of an FSC. In other words, you cannot convert any portion of an FSC into a cash refund.
  5. Partial Payment; Combining and Carrying Over Credits. The full balance of an FSC can be used together with another payment type to pay for the full cost of a reservation that exceeds the amount of the FSC. You may combine multiple FSCs tied to the same email address for use in a single new reservation. If you make a reservation that costs less than the full FSC amount, you may use the remaining balance of the FSC for another reservation as long as all reservations occur prior to expiration.
  6. Valid Credit Card Required. In case you make changes or incur charges before or during your stay, Vacasa will ask for a valid credit card for the booking even if you use an FSC to pay for the full cost of the reservation.
  7. Additional Terms. An FSC is not transferable and has no cash value. A reservation using an FSC must be made using the same currency as the original reservation.