Our favorite things to do on Hatteras Island

5 ways to enrich your Outer Banks experience—from a local’s perspective.

An island with homes and establishments with a pier stretching out to the ocean from the beach.
A hammock hanging from a wooden outdoor patio facing a sandy beach in Rodanthe, NC.

Things move a little slower on Hatteras Island.

It’s true that beaches like these will attract thousands of visitors each year, and the crowds swell in the summer months, when the things to do on Hatteras Island are near-endless. But despite this tiny barrier island’s popularity, it’s lightyears away from hotspots like Myrtle Beach. Hatteras is a place where you can step back in time to a simpler way of life. Some of the locals have even coined the slogan “laid back since the way back.”

With a friendly atmosphere and strong roots in its communities, Hatteras Island has captured the hearts of beachgoers for decades. Read on to discover personal recommendations on the best things to do on Hatteras Island, from our local team’s perspective.

Best things to do in Hatteras Island

Free things to do in Cape Hatteras

Visit Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

As the most recognizable landmark on the island, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse tops the list of things to do around Hatteras Island. Built in 1870 to guide ships through the strong ocean currents, today its black-and-white striped pillar is one of the most photographed icons on the Outer Banks. Be sure to snap a picture of your own—it’s a great backdrop for a family vacation photo—or enjoy a light lunch at the nearby picnic tables.

For an admission fee—and to add a little exercise and panoramic views—you can climb the winding stairs all the way to the top of the lighthouse. Tip from our local team: the guided full moon tours are a truly memorable experience, when you can ascend the lighthouse for beautiful vistas of the moonlight on the ocean.

The best things to do on Hatteras Island

Hit the beach at Cape Hatteras National Seashore

This may seem like a no-brainer, but trust us: when you see how incredibly pristine Cape Hatteras National Seashore is, you’re going to want to set aside a couple extra hours (or even days). These protected beaches run for 70 miles along the Outer Banks, from Bodie Island to Ocracoke.

There are so many things to do at Cape Hatteras National Seashore without spending a dime, from shell hunting, to sunbathing, to splashing in the inviting waters. With no buildings polluting the view and miles of sand beach to claim your own spot, it’s time to put your phone on silent and revel in the delightful do-nothing state of mind.

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Hatteras Island is full of yummy surprises! From famous burgers at Bros in Avon, Crabby Patties at the Buxton Munch in Buxton, the best fudge known to man at Scotch Bonnet Fudge & Gifts in Frisco, Hatteras Snow Balls in Hatteras and the MOST AMAZING donuts and coffee at Roots & Leaves and Stu’s food trucks at the Avon Pier. Finally, you can't really know Hatteras Island until you have visited the Orange Blossom for an Apple Ugly!
—Holly, Senior General Manager, Vacasa Outer Banks

The best things to do on Hatteras Island

Drive to the beach

If you have a permit and access to a four-wheel drive vehicle, then you can enjoy one of Hatteras Island’s most treasured pastimes. Pack a snack, bring some friends, and drive out to your private corner of paradise. One of the only places on the Outer Banks where you can still drive out on the beach, Hatteras Island is home to thousands of secret spots for those who know where to look or want to take a drive and find one. Get a surf break to yourself, plan a peaceful picnic by the water, or cast for fish with no one around as far as the eye can see.

A local’s tip: If you don’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle (really, you need one—don’t be the person that gets stuck in the sand), you can always rent a beach cruiser from Island Cruisers in Hatteras’ village of Salvo.

The best things to do on Hatteras Island

Check out the local arts scene

With beaches this inspiring, it’s no surprise that the Outer Banks are home to a thriving community of artists. Entry to local galleries is free, and one of the many fun indoor things to do on Hatteras Island. It’s also a great way to connect with the local scene—and maybe to even purchase a piece of art to commemorate your getaway. From Pea Island Art Gallery in Salvo to Kinnakeet Clay in Avon, the island is teeming with places to see and purchase local art.

Best things to do in Hatteras Island

Other things to do around Hatteras Island

Enjoy the local shopping and dining

Here, it’s easy to support local businesses. You won’t find many chain restaurants or stores, but that’s exactly what makes the Outer Banks so special. In fact, one of our favorite things to do on Hatteras Island is spend an easy afternoon just exploring the sleepy villages by foot, beach cruiser, or even a golf cart (cars are totally acceptable too, just not as fun).

Our local teams recommend a stop by Buxton Village Books to pick up your newest page-turner. This mom-and-pop shop is a great place to find new and used books to enjoy while you kick back at the beach. Or you can bring your book with you to Dancing Turtle Coffee Shop in Hatteras, where their decadent frozen coffee drinks are bordering on dessert. And when it comes to baked treats, there’s no beating the Orange Blossom in Buxton. Its world-famous apple uglies are worth setting your alarm extra early for.

Finally, no Hatteras Island vacation would be complete without indulging in fresh-caught seafood. From markets to restaurants, you’ll find endless opportunities to taste oysters, crab, scallops, shrimp—the list goes on and on. Luckily, Vacasa’s local team has recommendations on their own personal favorites for a delicious meal.

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I really love Swell Art Gallery & Gift Shop in Buxton. They have a wonderful variety of cool & unique gifts. They carry local art too, and there is a great selection to find a nice treasure to take home with you!
—Leigh, Owner Relations Manager, Vacasa Outer Banks

Discover paradise: Hatteras Island vacation rentals

We’ve fallen in love with Hatteras’s undisturbed beaches. But it’s the island’s sleepy villages and friendly locale that set it apart from the rest. Switch off your phone and let the waves washing ashore serve as your alarm clock—you’ve found paradise.

Hatteras Island vacations FAQ

Hatteras Island is accessible by car via North Carolina Highway 12. However, if you’re traveling from Ocracoke, you’ll need to take a ferry.

The ferry between Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands takes about 45 minutes. The ferry service is free and passengers can board by car. There is also a seasonal passenger ferry that brings you right into Silver Lake in the heart of Ocracoke Village.

The Outer Banks are so pristine and peaceful because they’re off the beaten path. The nearest commercial airports to the Outer Banks are Norfolk International Airport, and Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Dare County Regional Airport in Manteo can accommodate small flights for chartered or private planes. For exact distances and drive times, be sure to map the journey to your Outer Banks destination.

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