Exploring the love and labor behind a unique vacation home

A personal journey into how one family found the dream guest experience


Maria T. imagined a vacation home that was more than just an investment property—she wanted a place with a story she could share in a newly discovered area.

Equipped with a thirst for travel and a professional background in engineering, she and her family set out to explore the astonishing beauty of the Alabama Gulf Coast to realize their dream. Their journey led them to Dauphin Island, renowned for its maritime forest and indelible natural charm. It was during this exploratory phase they serendipitously crossed paths with Vacasa as guests.

"[Our] vacation home has an extraordinary story because it's not a dispassionate investment. It is a story—really,” Maria explains. “I never knew Alabama was such a beautiful place, and we traveled a lot along the Gulf Coast, where we stayed in various Vacasa rentals. Then we went to Dauphin Island, and I instantly loved the area. It's very different, very special."

With a perfect location set, the couple put their dreams in motion by securing a picturesque wooded plot on Dauphin Island near the beach. Now it was time to get to work.

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Peace and sea-renity

Maria shared that her engineering background encouraged her to build a home following Alabama's Gold-level FORTIFIED buildings standards. She also wanted to construct a dwelling that echoed the uniqueness of its surroundings.

"We bought the land in the forest near the beach because it was so fascinating. I hadn't actually seen a maritime forest before—I guess they existed everywhere, but most of them are gone due to development. Fortunately, half of Dauphin Island is still a maritime forest," says Maria.

Throughout the construction of her home, Maria's original intention stayed strong—this was more than an investment. It was a labor of love with extraordinary charm that needed to be shared.

"Originally, we thought it would be our retirement home 10 years from now, but it happened much quicker. Our experience isn't for everyone, but it's more about a work of love."

The value of personal, local partnerships

Maria reiterated that a part of their decision to partner with Vacasa surfaced after staying in several Vacasa-managed homes. While on vacation, they noted the care and professionalism that went into each stay. Those experiences proved Vacasa was the right partner to manage their vacation home on the guest side, but shifting development timelines demonstrated how well their partnership would work professionally.

Her interactions with Vacasa Sales Executive Brandon G. illustrated just that by showing the value of having a communicative local team always available. She shared that Brandon did everything he could to make their situation manageable and successful despite moving deadlines and no opening date.

"We prepared everything with Vacasa,” Maria recalls, “because we were expecting the house to be ready for spring break in March, but construction didn’t finish until July. Even as that date shifted, working with Vacasa was very, very professional, and very personal."

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"Working with Vacasa was very, very professional, and very personal."
—Maria T., Dauphin Island homeowner

Maria also praised Vacasa’s Dauphin Island General Manager Teresa P. for her dedication and guidance in preparing the property for listing and prioritizing the guest experience. Those efforts established a deep trust and reassurance between Maria and Vacasa, fortifying their friendship and turning it into the strong relationship it is today.

Built for shared experiences

Peace & Sea-Renity is now open for guests. Maria shared that the guest experience reflects the island's mesmerizing effect, where every visit is an opportunity to rekindle a connection to nature and tranquility. She also says guests will find solace in the natural surroundings, refreshed by the treehouse-like setting on the porch, and invigorated by walks along the beach and dunes.

"What I really want is somebody to take good care of the property I love and share with others the beauty of the island. That's it," explains Maria.

"Vacasa has terrific and very professional local support teams on the ground. But they also have an excellent infrastructure that helps us understand everything from insurance to legal needs, and additional perks like the towel and linen service, marketing, and their own site for bookings."

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"Vacasa has terrific and very professional local support teams on the ground. But they also have an excellent infrastructure that helps us understand everything from insurance to legal needs, and additional perks like the towel and linen service, marketing, and their own site for bookings."
—Maria T., Dauphin Island homeowner

Maria's journey to owning a vacation home on Dauphin Island is a testament to the power of personal connections and the appeal of natural beauty. What's more, her story also highlights how a rental house can be more than an investment—it can embody personality and hospitality in sharing the wonders of a beautiful place with others.

Through her partnering with Vacasa, Maria found a way to ensure her cherished property is cared for while she fulfills her dream of experiencing the island's magic whenever possible.

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