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When you stay at an Arrowhead Resort vacation rental, you’ll be in an amazing spot to enjoy all the Smoky Mountains have to offer. Arrowhead resort cabins come with several amenities, including private hot tubs and fully equipped kitchens. If you want to bring your canine friend along, too, there are plenty of pet-friendly options. If you’re a lover of the outdoors looking for a Pigeon Forge vacation rental, an Arrowhead Resort cabin will be the perfect fit.

Where are Arrowhead Resort vacation rentals located?

Arrowhead Resort cabins are located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, at the north edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and just under an hour drive from Knoxville. Visitors have plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors and wildlife, but a short day trip to the city is an option for anyone who wants a change of pace.

What to do near Arrowhead Resort

There’s plenty of activities for visitors of all ages in Pigeon Forge. Explore a museum dedicated to the Titanic, or have some family-friendly fun at the Dollywood amusement park. The Island in Pigeon Forge offers several restaurants and attractions, including an arcade and ferris wheel. Want to take an outdoor adventure? The Smoky Mountains are right at your doorstep, with tons of opportunities for hiking and photography. All of this and more makes Arrowhead Resort the perfect place to book for your Pigeon Forge vacation.