Kick your getaway up a notch with these vacation rental amenities

Seven features you won’t find just anywhere

Published January 2021


If you’re like us, the past year has got you dreaming of traveling. And maybe, when you think of that perfect next vacation, you’re going all-in. A private swimming pool, a place where the whole family or friend group can join, a spot on the lake with a private boat dock and a firepit and six bedrooms... We hear you—you want that vacation to be extra-special.

In that case, when it comes to lodging, booking a vacation home is the way to go. Make the most of your trip with seven of our favorite ante-upping vacation rental amenities.

1. Your own private swimming pool

This is a big one, folks. Do you want crystal-clear, uncrowded waters just outside your door? Can do. Fancy a midnight swim? No problem. Are the kids locked in an epic splash battle that would normally elicit scowls from other pool-goers? You get the point. Homes with private swimming pools are one of our favorite vacation rental amenities, and one of the easiest ways to add a little luxury to your trip.

2. Games and entertainment

When you book a vacation rental over a hotel, you’re often booking an actual family’s second home—their favorite place to escape. That means you might find their favorite ways to unwind, too, like board games, an expansive book collection, pool tables, or even your own mini-golf course. Vacation homes can offer all kinds of ways to connect and make memories.

3. Outdoor space and natural beauty

These practically built-in vacation rental amenities are another big draw for travelers seeking more space. Not only can you pick your ideal destination (beach, mountain, something else?) but you can find homes with beautiful yards. Choose from barbecues and outdoor dining areas, crackling firepits, hammocks to laze the day away, and more. And that’s not to mention vacation homes like woodsy cabins, beach cottages, and all the other unique and beautiful settings that you can find when you go for a vacation rental vs. a hotel.

Choose your perfect vacation vibe

4. Free parking

Forget crowded hotel parking lots or struggling to parallel park with a line of traffic behind you. Find a vacation home with convenient parking, like a private space or a garage. If you need to pop out to the store, haul your beach chairs, or carry sleeping little ones inside after a day of adventure, a private driveway is the ticket to stress-free vacationing.

5. Fireplaces

Picture it: the evening air is cooling down after an afternoon at the lake, in the mountains, or exploring the town. Now it’s time to cozy up and wind down by the fire. Fireplaces are another sought-after vacation rental amenity, and something you won’t always find in hotels. There’s just nothing like warming your toes with a mug of cocoa or glass of wine after a long day of adventuring.

6. Pet-friendly amenities

Can’t imagine traveling without your four-legged friend? You’re in luck—dog-friendly vacation homes are the way to go. They’re the perfect place to take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood or play fetch in the front yard. (Best of all, you won’t have to worry about sharing a wall with neighbors, in case your pup is the vocal type.) Choose from vacation cabins, condos, luxury homes, tiny homes, you name it, all with a place for your dog to sit and stay.

7. Conveniences

This one may sneak under the radar, but it’s one you’ll be grateful for in case of sandy beach shorts or muddy hiking socks. Many of our guests’ favorite vacation rental amenities are the conveniences you’d find in your own home: washers and dryers, fully equipped kitchens, dishwashers, and more. When you book a vacation home, there’s no worrying about re-wearing unwashed clothing, and cleanup after a home-away-from-home-cooked meal is a breeze.

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