Is a beach house a good investment?


Salty sea breezes. Epic orange sunsets. The sound of waves lapping onto the sand. It’s little wonder that waking up in a beach house is every traveler’s dream. It’s also a dream of smart investors hoping to capitalize on people’s endless desire to stay on the coast.

From the sun-drenched shores of San Diego to the family-friendly Outer Banks in North Carolina, our real estate experts know what it takes for a beachfront vacation rental to have profit potential. Before purchasing that beach haven you’ve always wanted, here are their tips to help you choose the right property for your investment portfolio.

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bright and open beach house on the oregon coast

3 perks of buying a beach house as an investment

1. Command higher rates and occupancy

While gorgeous coastlines may be plentiful, worthwhile beach vacation rentals are not. A beach investment property can be a fantastic earner. Generally, tourists shell out more and pay a premium to stay at the beach over inland destinations. Purchasing a vacation rental in one of the popular beach towns or right on the beach could drive your rates up even higher. During peak season, it’s not uncommon for beach homes to be booked out entirely, opening up opportunities to offset your mortgage and expenses.

2. A lifestyle steeped in health and wellness

People have been drawn to the coast for decades, whether it’s for the calming warm sand, the soothing sounds and sights of water, or the exhilarating ocean air in your lungs. Not to mention the seemingly endless opportunity for physical activity—surfing, swimming, paddleboarding, boating, biking, and more. Being close to the ocean can be an asset to your well-being. And, it can also be an asset to your investment portfolio, with so many travelers willing to indulge in a few days of that beach life. Buying a beach house means not only having a seaside hamlet for you to escape to, but also opening a door for others to do so.

3. Your personal seaside retreat

Family beach bonfires at sunset. Early morning jogs on the shore with your dog. Bodyboarding or sunbathing with sand in your hair. What can possibly top this? Having your own beach house to make it all happen. “There’s no better place to stash your water toys, such as paddle boards, surf boards, kayaks, and beach cruisers,” says Maria Dudley, Vacasa Real Estate’s sales manager in Florida’s Emerald Coast. Investing in a vacation property at the beach can provide opportunities for not just making more money, but also making wonderful new memories. Select a property that’s a short drive away and plan for impromptu weekends away to the coast. Or, if you opt for a destination further away, your beach house or condo can save you money on travel accommodations.

How to maximize your beach house investment

Look beyond the sand

If you want to increase the odds of commanding top rates for your vacation rental, it could pay to consider an area that features more than just sand and shore. Think spacious beach boardwalks with restaurants, shops, parks, and family-friendly activities. These types of coastal vacation spots draw more travelers than those without fun attractions.

Choose a beach house right on, or steps to, the water

As with any vacation rental investment, location is vital and can be the biggest factor that determines how much rental income you can make. It could be worthwhile to invest in a waterfront property that opens right to the beach versus a home that is blocks away. These properties are generally more sought after by guests, can command higher rates, and are easier to market. Plus, guests may be attracted more to beach homes that are easily accessible by bus or train and provide easy parking.

Consider beach destinations with year-round potential

For many destinations, peak season is during warm, summer months. During this high-demand period, you may expect back-to-back reservations and consistent rental income. During the off-season, it’s likely those bookings will hit a lull. Try not to depend on a single season of income. “Consider beaches that draw visitors throughout the year or that have consistent warm temps and sunny days,” says Lauren Allen, a Vacasa principal broker in Alabama. These include destinations like Florida, Southern California, or Alabama.

It’s important to note that several beach destinations may not be obvious year-round gems until you take a closer look. For example, the blustery Oregon Coast continues to lure tourists even in the winter, with its dramatic opportunities for storm watching. Partner with a local real estate expert who truly understands the area and the highs and lows in demand.

Look for smart beach house amenities

With the right amenities, your beach rental can stand out from the others and maximize your property’s earning potential. According to Dudley and Allen, here are a few amenities to consider:

  • Pool: Pools are a top amenity in beach communities, especially in hot summer destinations like Southern Alabama. Whether it’s a private pool or access to a community pool, guests will want to splash in and cool down.
  • Golf cart: In beach communities, it’s common to see residents and guests ditching their cars and rolling around in breezy golf carts. If you’re not located right on the shore, offering use of a golf cart gives guests easy access to the beach.
  • Parking: Parking can often be tricky in bustling beach areas. A home that offers spaces for guests to park and leave their cars during their stay could be more attractive than beach rentals that don’t.
  • Outdoor living space: Guests want the beach life even before stepping foot on the sand. If your beach home has an outdoor patio or deck, adding lounge furniture or an outdoor grill can make guests feel right at home.
  • Pet-friendliness: If your beach is dog-friendly or if there are other dog-friendly parks or attractions nearby, guests are likely to want Fido to join in on the beach fun. According to our data, dog-friendly vacation rentals can see a boost of 10–20% in rental income.
kiawah island vacation rental with ample windows and natural light

Beach house investment FAQ

With a well-kept property, in a popular destination, with sought-after amenities—yes, it’s possible for a vacation rental to pay for itself by offsetting your mortgage and other expenses. A great place to start your search is our list of the top 25 places to buy a vacation home, which highlights markets that generally deliver a good return on your investment, along with median home prices. Plus, we have found that vacation rentals that are pet-friendly and offer hot tubs generally see higher bookings.

Start with your favorite stretch of coastline. One of the perks of owning a beach home is having your own seaside retreat to escape to. Then, consider our list of top 25 places to buy a vacation home that shows destinations that typically deliver a good return on investment. You’ll see a variety of beach destinations here (such as the Outer Banks, North Carolina and Dauphin Island, Alabama) that can help guide your search. It’s also a smart investment strategy to consider beach locales that draw visitors year-round and that offer attractions such as fun beach boardwalks, dining, shopping, and other family-friendly activities.

Many amenities can boost your beach rental bookings. The closer you are to the beach, the better your profit potential. Rentals with ocean views tend to command a higher rate than those without. A pool—whether private or included in the condo community—is considered a top amenity for beach-goers. Same goes for outdoor living space, hot tubs, boat docks or slips, parking, and an outdoor shower to wash off after a day on the beach.

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