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About Orick

Welcome to a small town with a quiet, tranquil feel and access to some of Northern California’s most prized national and state parks. Here you’ll find uncrowded beaches, mild temperatures, and some of the oldest, tallest trees in the world. It’s time to unwind and reset at one of our Orick vacation rentals.

Where is Orick, CA?

43 miles north of Eureka—the largest city on the Redwood Coast—Orick offers an idyllic setting enveloped by redwood national and state parks. The town rests near the mouth of Redwood Creek, a popular spot for kayaking and fishing.

Things to do in Orick, CA

It may be no surprise that most travelers head to our Orick cabin rentals in search of nature. The town is surrounded by forests, meaning ample opportunities for exploration. You’ll find hiking trails ranging from easy strolls to backcountry wilderness scrambles, wheelchair accessible trails, a braille trail, and opportunities for guided horseback rides. The nearby Fern Canyon offers a beautiful, lush setting, and was even a filming location for Jurassic Park II.

Nearby beaches offer plenty of activities, where you’ll find fewer crowds than other areas of the Redwood Coast. If you’re yearning to get out in the water, kayaking, paddleboarding, and surfing are all popular means to do so. The sands are ideal for beachcombing—Agate Beach is just 15 miles away, and a great place to search for its namesake semi-precious stone.

If the waves of the Pacific are a bit above your skill level, there are a number of lagoons nearby where calm waters lend themselves to swimming, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, and more. Your Orick lodging will be just minutes from Big Lagoon, Stone Lagoon, and Freshwater Lagoon.

Understandably, a town enveloped by lush forest means lots of wildlife, so be sure to bring your binoculars. Most notably, our Orick vacation rentals are surrounded by a large population of Roosevelt elk. Hunted nearly to extinction by early settlers of the Northern California Coast, successful conservation efforts have brought the population back. These regal creatures inhabit many places around Orick, including beautiful Gold Bluffs Beach.

It’s time you slowed things down and relaxed—and our Orick vacation rentals are the perfect place to do so. Dense forests, beautiful beaches, and a laid-back feel are just a few of the things to love about this special place on the Redwood Coast. Browse our homes and start planning your own getaway.