Las Ventanas del Mar Vacation Rentals

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About Las Ventanas del Mar
Nestled on the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste, one of Costa Rica's most popular provinces, lies Las Ventanas, a luxury planned community boasting stunning views, ready access to the water and nature, and world-class amenities. When you're in the area, stay in one of our lovely nearby vacation homes for plenty of convenience and comfort to make your vacation in Las Ventanas del Mar unforgettable.

Where is Las Ventanas del Mar?

Our vacation rentals in Las Ventanas del Mar are situated amidst lush, jungle vegetation and beautiful mountains on Playa Carrillo, one of Costa Rica's blue flag beaches, touting its cleanliness and focus on the environment.

Things to Do at Las Ventanas del Mar

Life is blissful at Las Ventanas, with both indoor and outdoor activities and plenty of space to relax. A focal point is the 9,000 square foot infinity pool with cascading waters, ideal for lazy afternoons of relaxing and sunbathing. Take a refreshing dip, then wander through the community gardens before you head to the outdoor bocce court or the lake for kayaking and paddleboarding. Tennis courts and equipment are available, and there's also an open-air gym.

This 24-hour gated community also offers in-room massages, concierge service, and grocery service, upon request. One of the best perks come from Mother Nature herself: ending each day with a stunning, golden sunset to the sound of ocean waves and a sea mist breeze.

If you're staying in one of our cozy vacation homes in Nosara, with its long surf break and focus on yoga, you won't have far to drive to see why Las Ventanas is one of the most sought-after communities in Costa Rica.

Photo Credit: Marissa Strniste via Flickr
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