Where is the best place to see the 2024 total solar eclipse?

Your next vacation is written in the stars.

The Solar Eclipse on the 26th of December 2019. Composite image of the eclipse phases.

If you were amazed by the Great American Eclipse in 2017, you know a total solar eclipse is not an experience to miss. Luckily enough, 2024 is bringing with it another total solar eclipse to watch for on April 8, 2024, and eclipse chasers are quickly booking their stays to ensure a front-row seat.

Similarly to 2017, the key to a memorable eclipse experience will be to watch from a viewing location within the eclipse’s path of totality. Eclipse paths are calculated by where the moon’s shadow will align with the sun completely. Outside this path, you may only see a partial eclipse. The eclipse is projected to move from the south to the northeastern corner of the United States as it passes over North America. Depending on where you are viewing the eclipse, the duration of totality will differ as well—with Texas projected to see the longest duration for the 2024 total solar eclipse and Maine, the shortest.

Not sure where to watch? Here’s where you can stay within the path of totality for the 2024 total solar eclipse. Grab your suitcase and a pair of eclipse glasses, and head out.

Vacation destinations in the path of totality

The skyline of Dallas, Texas

Dallas, TX

As mentioned, Texas is the place to be for solar eclipse viewing. The state will see two eclipses within six months, with the October 2023 annular eclipse, followed by the April 2024 total solar eclipse. Dallas promises the longest duration of totality, with almost 5 minutes of the famous “ring of fire” phenomena. Dallas is one of the few major cities within the path of totality, and with a better chance of clear skies, it’s sure to be a popular go-to spot for travelers. Before the eclipse starts, fill your trip with dance halls and culinary delights as you tour nearby Fort Worth’s rodeos and art museums in Dallas.

The waterline in Burlington, VT.

Burlington, VT

Grab a chair on the shores of Lake Champlain to watch this stunning cosmic event. This historic city makes a prime viewing spot for the 2024 solar eclipse, with plenty of indoor and outdoor attractions to fill your itinerary. Boat around beautiful Lake Champlain, window shop along Church Street Marketplace, and don’t forget to grab a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in time for the eclipse. If you plan to make a family trip to see the total solar eclipse, Burlington makes a great getaway for everyone.

beautiful fall colors surround a home in Newry, Maine

Central Maine

Though Caribou, Maine may have the shortest duration of totality, a total solar eclipse is a thrilling enough reason to trek out. Northern and Central Maine are within the path of April’s eclipse and make for a perfect escape for adventurers. Take on beautiful mountain hiking trails like Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, hop from lake to lake, and with such little light pollution, you can count on a few gorgeous nights of stargazing during your trip.

The back deck of a lakeside vacation rental in Hot Springs, AR.

Hot Springs, AR

You might be surprised by how much fun is packed into this southern city, just an hour from Little Rock. Not only does it provide an excellent viewing location in the path of totality, but it also boasts naturally heated hot springs, a swath of family-friendly activities, and a national park. After a day of hiking beneath the trees, lounge out with a dip in the thermal baths on Bathhouse Row. Switch up your travel plans and head south to watch the 2024 solar eclipse on the banks of the Ouachita River.

A firepit with chairs at a Lancaster vacation rental with open sky views.

Lancaster, NH

This small New England town is sure to see an influx of new faces, as it’s situated directly within the eclipse’s centerline. Lancaster rests along the state’s border with Vermont and offers plenty of charm, with views of the Connecticut River, covered bridges, and trails along Weeks State Park. Before the eclipse, get a better feel for the White Mountain area with a horseback ride. Gather the family together and bring your eclipse glasses—with wide-open skies and a gorgeous treeline, you’re in for a treat.

Upstate New York

What better excuse for a road trip up north than viewing an eclipse? Inhale a fresh breath of pine in Upstate New York. Take a scenic drive to enjoy the quaint mountain towns, cabins, wineries, and tranquil lakes peppered throughout the area. After watching the breathtaking total solar eclipse, make the most of your trip with a pit stop at another world wonder, Niagara Falls. Spend some time enjoying the beginning of spring in the meadows and be on the lookout for wildflowers and wildlife.

2024 solar eclipse vacations FAQ

The next total solar eclipse will be on April 8, 2024, with a path of totality crossing over Central Maine, Dallas, Lancaster, Upstate New York, Hot Springs, Burlington, and more.

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