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  • Bodega Bay

    Linda Y.

    The market at the Tides has excellent clam chowder that is made fresh daily.
    Salmon Creek Beach is a two mile sandy beach that makes for a great outing.
  • Bodega Bay

    Lynn E.

    Point Reyes is fabulous. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and watching the baby seals. Great restaurants close by including Terrapin Creek restaurant. Yummy food and unique presentation with unique mixtures of seasonings.
  • Bodega Bay

    Evelyn M.

    Terrapin Restaurant -- Fantastic!
  • Bodega Bay

    Mickey F.

    Beautiful walk down to the beach for some R&R.
  • Bodega Bay

    Michael F.

  • Bodega Bay

    Becky P.

    Loved having coffee at Roadside Coffee and walking to the beach from the house.
  • Bodega Bay

    Karen P.

    Love the hike down Shortail Gulch to the beach.
  • Bodega Bay

    Brian V.

    I loved everything!!
  • Bodega Bay

    Rob P.

    The Tides at Bodega (clam chowder at the snack bar was really good and the line was super quick vs. long lines in other places.). Grabbed a cocktail at the bar and were able to sit outside and watch seals while eating chowder and sipping a Bodega Sea Breeze.
  • Bodega Bay

    Ariel G.

    Beautiful beaches.
  • Bodega Bay

    Brian M.

    Golf and dining were great!
  • Bodega Bay

    Ginger M.

    Sonoma Coast Resort and Spa- lovely massages
    Golf course- the boys thoroughly enjoyed playing golf and being close to the first tee was fun!
  • Bodega Bay

    Kim B.

    Doran Beach was pretty windy the day we went there. My favorite was School House Beach as it had more rocks to watch to waves crash into and seemed to be less windy.
  • Bodega Bay

    Nancy A.

    Doran Beach.
  • Bodega Bay

    Lauren W.

    walked on beach
    visit schoolhouse in "The Birds"
    Bodega Head
  • Bodega Bay

    Monique D.

    We loved our long walk on the beach. Drove to the Marshalls for some fresh oysters, sooo good.
  • Bodega Bay

    RIchard J.

    We had dinner 3 doors down at Teh Blue Water Bistro on Thursday night. Delicious! And the service was perfect.
  • Bodega Bay

    John H.

    We thoroughly enjoyed a beautiful day at Bodega Bay Head whale watching.
    We also visited Fort Ross and would recommend visiting this historical site.
  • Bodega Bay

    Otis O.

    Doran Beach is a great place to hike or have a leisurely stroll.
  • Bodega Bay

    Mehrunisa M.

    it was great that the beach was only a 5 minute walk from house. the beach was clean and we played in the waves for hours.
  • Bodega Bay

    George D.

    Went to Northwoods golf and then to Sonoma Cutrer for croquet - both were fantastic.
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