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  • Horseshoe Bend

    Donna O.

    Sonora Mexican Restaurant- yummy!
  • Horseshoe Bend

    Rachel S.

    Mill pond just up the road was a great spot for fishing and probably swimming in warmer months!
  • Horseshoe Bend

    Susan K.

    A rafting trip is a must, it's a great adventure. Also, visiting McCall, is a great little village and the views are fabulous.
  • Horseshoe Bend

    Nancy M.

    The town is very small and quaint. Population 707
  • Horseshoe Bend

    Jeffrey R.

  • Horseshoe Bend

    Kris E.

    Great Food and very welcoming experience.
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    Troy C.

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    John S.

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    Deanna J.

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    Alan T.

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    Tammy M.

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    Jessica F.

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    Shitalkumar M.

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    Donald S.

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    Andrea H.

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    Ardis B.