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  • Boothbay

    Stephen J & Linda D.

    Maine Botanical Garden, 'land trust' trails,
    Wonderful just sitting on the couch looking out the window at the river/tides, birds, clouds.
  • Boothbay

    Veronica G.

    red eats!
    Wiscasset is wonderful! The people that live in a town are absolutely phenomenal
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    Doreen S.

    Boothbay Harbor was delightful the restaurants were excellent and the stores we're great to visit. Also enjoyed Pemaquid beach lighthouse and museum.
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    Norma L.

    the lake, beach,
  • Boothbay

    Margot V.

    Robinson's Warf & Tugs Pub in Southport: Food is excellent and the waitress Kathleen was very kind.
    whale watching with Capn Fischs Cruises, Boothbay
  • Boothbay

    Kristyna P.

    great peaceful and relaxing atmosphere
  • Boothbay

    Richard J.

    The 1.25 hour Capt Fish harbor was very nice. The town was vibrant and the shops were very nice. The ambiance of the town was not pretentious and the people were very friendly.
  • Boothbay

    Audra P.

    Boothbay is a picturesque little harbor town with plenty of places to eat and shop. The house was several miles from town and shops, however, this is what made it so quiet. We visited Ogunquit Beach on a Sunday and it was crowded but very beautiful. The water was very clear. On the way home we stopped in Wiscasset to eat at Red Eats and the food was awesome! It's known for the lobster rolls but I had crabcakes which were delicious and you have to try the Whoopie pie and blueberry cake.
    My favorite evening at Muirgen Enchantment by the Sea was a clear night we spent laying on the dock and looking up at the beautiful sky. It was so beautiful and we could see every star including all the shooting stars.
    The house itself was very clean and in a beautiful setting. The only suggestion I would make is to provide some fans to help circulate the cool outside air into the house. Otherwise, it was a perfect place to stay and enjoy Maine.
  • Boothbay

    Laura C.

    Maine Botanical Coastal Garden
    Trevett Country Store
    East Boothbay Country Store
    Boothbay Harbor
    McSeaguls in Boothbay Harbor
  • Boothbay

    Michael M.

    The view from the deck was just great.
  • Boothbay

    Rob L.

    The town of Boothbay was a great experience !
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