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  • Canyon Lake

    Joe K.

    Traveled down for a bike training trip. Was astounded by the beauty of the surrounding views. The property of the house was just as nice.
  • Canyon Lake

    Lance W.

    We rented a boat from the was a great experience. We did enjoy feeding the deer, we bought an additional 100 pounds of corn at the local grocery store to feed them.
  • Canyon Lake

    Laura H.

    We just love being on the lake. It was a bit of a drive to get to a boat ramp, but the view from the house is beautiful.
  • Canyon Lake

    Abbie D.

    Boat rental from cranes marina
  • Canyon Lake

    Jesus G.

    Just the Lake
  • Canyon Lake

    Tristan B.

    The lake itself was closed during our stay but we enjoyed visiting the Canyon Lake Dam only 15 min away! We also went tubing on the Comal River in New Braunfels only a 20-30 drive from the house. Our absolute favorite spot was Jacobs Well in Wimberley!! Less than 30 min from the house. Be sure to make reservations online before going. The Emilyanne outdoor theater in Wimberley was awesome, we saw Shrek the musical and the kids loved it! Arts and crafts shopping in Wimberley and fantastic designer outlet mall shopping in San Marcos. No matter what we had planned for the day everything was in close proximity to the lake house! At the end of the day it was so nice to come home to cozy hill country setting and lake view. Each morning and evening the many deer living in the neighborhood would come right up to the house knowing we were waiting to feed them apples and berries!
  • Canyon Lake

    Josephina R.

    We went to the marina and rented a pontoon boat with a tube and had a blast on the water!
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