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About San Antonio

Our San Antonio vacation rentals offer guests the opportunity to experience an authentic Texas culture steeped in a rich history and a deep sense of heritage pride. Blending the traditional with the modern, San Antonio beckons guests with its bright colors, its national roots, and its welcoming atmosphere. And, our San Antonio vacation rentals will put you in the center of it all. 

Where Is San Antonio, Texas? 

San Antonio, Texas sits on the edge of Texas Hill Country, about 80 miles southwest of Austin, and about 100 miles to the hill country's lakes like Lake Travis and Lake LBJ. 

If Austin is the Lone Star State's energetic, hipster daughter with progressive tastes, San Antonio is the traditional eldest son with a rich sense of honor and a strong sense of heritage. But behind the deeply rooted standards, this city has a playful side blazing in color and flavor.

Historic San Antonio

You'd be hard pressed to stay in one of our San Antonio vacation homes and not visit The Alamo in downtown San Antonio, the pinnacle of Texas pride. 

The Alamo is not the only preserved symbol of history in this city. Block out a section of time to visit the free San Antonio Missions National Historic Park, which is actually four parks in one, each with its own historic mission. The entire park includes events regarding Spanish and Native American heritage and legacies, as well as plenty of photo opportunities and information.

Visit the Witte Museum to experience the Heritage Center and a bit of natural history, both historical and contemporary. 

Cultural San Antonio

San Antonio is all about its cultural heritage, both historic and commercial.

One of downtown San Antonio's pride and joys is the vital, bustling River Walk, the number one tourist attraction in the city. Lined with shops and dining, plus gondola rides along the canals, this is a center of commerce and engagement - plus a good spot to snack and buy a cowboy hat. 

Take a trip to Mexico without crossing the border with a visit to Market Square, a marcado with stalls selling authentic Mexican cuisine, art, and live performances of dance and music. 

If hipster is your style, head to Southtown in the King William Historic Neighborhood for a visit to the Blue Star Art Complex and the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum for art, a collection of fine galleries, and a walking tour of some of the most amazing homes in Texas! 

Want a local thrill? Go to the Ghost Tracks at the intersection of Shane Road and Villamin Road. Legend says that after a local bus accident at this intersection, any car that stops near the train tracks will be pushed to safety. Give it a try, and prepare for goosebumps! 

Foodie San Antonio 

In San Antonio, food is culture. And there's so much good food to choose from. San Antonio may be traditional, but it's sneaking up there in the foodie world, demonstrating finesse and expertise in small plates, mixology, and fine dining. Who can argue with locally-sourced wine, Tex-Mex, and Texas barbecue? 

Try a bite of Mexican bread from El Sol Bakery & Bistro, scrumptious Thai food at Thai Dee, and a good ol' fashion burger at Bracken Country Store.

Need more options? Stop by the Alamo Street Eat Bar for a selection of tasty food carts. A favorite is the Institute of Chili by the Chili Queens. Or pick up fresh produce at the nearby farmer's market to cook your own favorites in your San Antonio vacation home! 

And that's just to start! When you stay in one of these Texas vacation rentals, you're in for an adventure of a lifetime, one that's full of thrills, history, and fun. Book today and experience the deep heart of Texas!

Photo credit: Everett Historical via Shutterstock 

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