With a year-round resort status, Big Bear Lake’s core population of approximately 5,000 soars to nearly 100,000 during many weekends throughout the year. Never at a loss for activity, visitors enjoy skiing, hiking, boating, and many types of outdoor adventures. This gorgeous mountain municipality boasts a variety of attractions—one of which is the Big Bear Farmers Market.

Boasting the highest quality produce in the area, the farmers market offers customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of the farm-to-table movement and so much more!

Where is Big Bear Farmers Market?

Big Bear Farmers Market is located in Big Bear Lake, CA, a small city nestled in the San Bernardino National Forest along the shores of Big Bear Lake, about 25 miles northeast of San Bernardino and 80 miles from Palm Springs. The market itself takes place in the Big Bear Lake Convention Center every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., beginning the first week of April and continuing all the way through September.

What You Can Buy at Big Bear Farmers Market

The market’s high standards and requirements for vendors ensure that no matter what you purchase here, you’ll walk away with not just a quality experience in the moment, but one that you’ll take home with you. Lots of thought goes into the products sold, many of which support the eco-conscious green movement.

Fresh Produce and Flowers

big bear market produce
A stand selling blood oranges | Photo courtesy of LoadedAaron

Come to the market and browse the offerings of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers to take home to your Big Bear vacation lodge. Get some plump, sweet strawberries and eat them on the spot. Choose from a selection of local honey, succulent blood oranges, and juicy melons, not to mention the luscious, ripe tomatoes, crisp carrots, and many varieties of peppers. Or brighten a loved one’s day with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers!

Handmade Goods, Collectibles, and Imports

farmers market big bear
A display of hand-crafted jars | Photo courtesy of Miss Shari

Big Bear Market also offers handmade goods, as well as arts and crafts items created by local artisans. Take some time to wander through the boutiques and booths at the market and take your pick of the following:

  • High-quality quilts and wearable art
  • Authentic collectibles, imported goods, and antiques
  • Handmade oils, lotions, and soaps (perfect as gifts for people back home!)

Sort through one-of-a-kind wares as you talk with vendors, and learn about the history behind each item.

Eating at Big Bear Farmers Market

Cup of shaved ice.
Refreshing shaved ice | Photo Courtesy of Bionicgrrl

You can probably eat your way through the market and get your fill of scrumptious, filling food, as the friendly vendors here happily offer samples of their produce. If you want a portable, hearty meal, be sure to check out the food vendors at the market. Sink your teeth into a warm, cheesy burrito, or pick up hummus and spread it on some fresh-baked bread. Polish it all off with refreshing iced tea and a sweet treat from the shaved ice stand!

Learn at Big Bear Farmers Market

In addition to some of the best produce you’ve ever had, you can walk away from Big Bear Farmers Market with some useful knowledge. While you’re browsing and sampling, be sure to ask the farmers for tips on handling and storing fresh produce. They’ve even been known to share favorite recipes! Learn how eating sustainably-grown, local food will improve your health on all levels, and your quality of life, in general.

Take pride in knowing that your purchase not only supports local farmers but funnels back into the community, as well.

Relish every bite with the awareness of where your food came from, and how eating local produce that’s had a chance to ripen longer has more nutrients and nutrition you will directly benefit from! Also, take pride in knowing that your purchase not only supports local farmers but funnels back into the community, as well.

Next time you’re vacationing at Big Bear Lake, add a trip to Big Bear Farmers Market to your itinerary for a truly satisfying outing. You’ll leave with a greater sense of health and connection to the land, plus your money will go directly to the local farmers who work so hard—that’s a win for everyone!

Featured photo courtesy of Miss Shari

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Author: Johnnie Mazzocco

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