Many of our homeowners find that one of the biggest upsides to working with Vacasa is that they no longer have to handle the maintenance of their vacation homes themselves.

Especially when you don’t live in the same neighborhood as your rental, which the majority of our homeowners don’t, arranging and overseeing maintenance can be a headache.

You have to assess the damage in need of repair, organize bids from contractors, evaluate their trustworthiness and reliability, inspect the job once it’s been completed, deal with any surprises on the final bill, and…you get the idea. It’s a relief to hand all that off to Vacasa!

Vacasa has established a network of locally licensed, bonded, and insured contractors to make sure that all maintenance is handled professionally and in a cost-efficient manner. As we’ve grown, we’ve developed strong relationships with local service providers. We know whom to call and how to work within a budget.

Our local teams include:

  • ✔ Handymen and women
  • ✔ Appliance technicians
  • ✔ Electricians
  • ✔ Hot tub repair professionals
  • ✔ Plumbers
  • ✔ Roofers
  • ✔ Installation experts
  • ✔ Building contractors
  • ✔ Heating and cooling specialists
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Author: Allison Busse

Allison is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Vacasa in Portland, Oregon. She creates resources for vacation rental homeowners with the help of Vacasa's team of experts. Outside of work Allison loves hiking, biking, cooking, and reading.