There are 17 million visits to Boston every year, with the number of international visitors increasingVisitors to Boston range from history buffs and seafood lovers to business people and students, and an array of accommodations are necessary in such a diverse market.

Between Boston’s rising popularity and continued rapid growth of the vacation rental industry, vacation homeowners now have the potential to make more revenue.

At Vacasa, we always use data to determine how to market to potential guests in different regionsand Boston is no different.

Looking at 15 Vacasa units in Boston over the last six months, we saw:

booking stats boston

Who is visiting Boston?

Most reservations had an average of 2-3 adults and about half of them were traveling with a child.

where travelling from bostonwhen are guests coming to boston

When are guests booking their trip?

On average, guests book 67 days in advance of when they travel to Boston. But in the summer, the most popular season for Boston travel, there is a surge of last-minute bookings.

  • In July, 50% of people are booking for August
  • In August, 35% of people are booking for September
  • In September, 50% of people are booking in October

Other than this summertime anomaly, bookings throughout the year fall within the confines of the 67 day out average.

how guests book boston

How we market in Boston

The strategies we use to market vacation rentals vary depending on the region. In a competitive market like Boston, we use paid ads to drive more visitors to

Type of Traffic Boston

Paid ads appear in search engine results based on what a user queries. This means the ads will appear to those most likely to click. Our Boston ads have been seen by 1,370 people so far in 2017.

Here is an example of a paid ad that might appear in search engine results: boston paid ad

Paid ads are only one of the ways we get vacation rentals in front of as many people as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about how Vacasa can help you make the most of your Boston vacation rental, reach out to us today!

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Author: Katie Dobbs

Katie is the Marketing Analyst Intern at Vacasa in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in using data to write informative content for homeowners. Outside of work, Katie is an expert dog-petter who loves adventuring, cooking, record store hopping, and pugs.