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Vacation Rental Property Management in Joshua Tree, CA

I now work with a Joshua Tree vacation rental management team, but I have lived here in the desert for the past 20 years, owning and renting homes all over the valley. I highly value the variety of contacts and friends I have made all over the valley, through mountain biking, hiking clubs, and taking part in the community. I have met some amazing and diverse people in the Coachella Valley.

While I've been here, I have watched the local real estate market expand from modest $25,000 condos to luxury $300,000 properties in a matter of a few years, and even though we are still recovering from the recession, the growth continues. Now is a good time to introduce the valley to a company that can help our homeowners harness this explosive growth and maximize revenue from your Joshua Tree vacation rentals: Vacasa.

Vacasa has recently become one of the most successful vacation rental property management companies in the industry, and we are immensely proud to be ranked in 2014 by Inc. Magazine as one of the most rapidly growing companies in America. We're expanding all over the US and even moving into international areas! Because our Coachella Valley vacation rentals offer such a fantastic destination with beautiful weather, spectacular golf courses, and world-class music festivals, I am looking forward to getting in touch with any homeowners who are interested in maximizing the income from their vacation rental properties here in Joshua Tree.

We at Vacasa offer the types of hands-on caretaking that you have grown to expect, complete with local property managers, maintenance workers, and housekeepers to look after your home. However, Vacasa differs from other Joshua Tree vacation rental management companies. We focus on cutting-edge technology and talent, ranging from industry-leading rate algorithms to dedicated marketing and IT teams. We are uniquely equipped for success in the ever-changing world of vacation rentals. We invest heavily in advertising, offer income guarantees, and have a built-in and loyal client base - this means better results for you!

Within just a few short years, Vacasa has worked to become one of the most trusted names in vacation rentals (including Joshua Tree vacation rental management), and we're not done yet! If you're interested in learning how your Coachella Valley vacation rental can become a successful Vacasa home, please reach out for more details!

Learn more about the value we deliver our homeowners under our comprehensive management fee.  

What does Vacasa do (that I can't do myself)?

Vacasa provides full-service vacation rental management. We do everything for you and your guests: housekeeping and guest services, marketing and rate optimization, licenses and permits. We use industry-leading technology to set and adjust rates in real time. We market your home on the most high-traffic websites, using marketing tools proven to turn browsers into bookers. It's simply more than most property managers - much less individual homeowners - can tackle.

Can Vacasa make me more money?

Yes! Thanks to our groundbreaking technology, we can guarantee that you'll make more money with us than you did alone. If you don't, we'll pay the difference, up to the full amount of our management fee. Our world-class marketing team will showcase your home to guests you didn't even know were out there, using state-of-the-art photography, copywriting, and 3D tours to attract high-value guests. All you have to do is open the checks.

Is Vacasa already in my area?

Vacasa and it’s family of companies currently manage more than 7000 homes around the world, and we add more to our portfolio every day. So if we're not in your area, chances are we will be soon! Vacasa combines the resources of an international company, like the best people and the most advanced technology, with the invaluable expertise of a local company. Everywhere we operate, we recruit local property managers, housekeepers, and maintenance pros to make sure things run smoothly. So you get the best of both worlds.

Our local team, at your service.

Vacasa recruits the best local talent to handle guest services, preventative maintenance, housekeeping, and  on-the-ground marketing. Whether you live across the country from your vacation rental or just around the corner, our local experts are on-call to protect your investment and take excellent care of your guests.

Kevin Knight
Senior Business Development Representative

Our new home specialist will help ensure your home is furnished and stocked (and properly permitted!) to welcome guests.

Lead Property Manager

Your lead property manager will oversee all the caretaking and preventative maintenance your home needs to stay in tip-top shape.


Our housekeepers follow standardized checklists and conduct regular deep cleans of your home to ensure a consistent experience for every guest.

How will Vacasa make my life easier?

We can help you take your life back. We handle booking, housekeeping, rate optimization, marketing, data analysis, taxes, permits, fees, and more, so you can focus on what you love. Vacasa helps you do more with less hassle.

How can Vacasa help me do even more for my guests?

At Vacasa, we love creating effortless, memorable experiences for travelers, from couples to families to solo adventurers. Combining your local expertise with our national resources allows us to ensure guest satisfaction at every stage - from the initial booking to that glowing review.

How does Vacasa keep my home secure?

Vacasa goes to great lengths to ensure that your guests treat your home respectfully, and our reservations team is trained to screen out any guests who might not adhere to our policies. Keep in mind that your home will be occupied more often with Vacasa, which is a deterrent to burglars and other troublemakers. Our local property managers are also on hand to address any security issues that might arise.

Looking for full-service vacation rental property management?

Earn more. Work less.

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Industry-leading technology

Vacasa uses gamechanging technology to maximize your returns while making your life easier than ever. Our toolbox includes advanced rate optimization software, world-class HDR photography, powerful data collection and analysis, and a user-friendly online owner portal for hassle-free account access and calendar management.

Comprehensive vacation rental management

Working with Vacasa is like having a dedicated marketing and guest services team just for your home. We offer aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns for each home; local teams on-call to meet your needs; top-notch housekeeping and maintenance pros; and assistance with permits, licenses, and taxes.

Owner-friendly policies

At Vacasa, we see our homeowners as partners. That's why we offer performance guarantees, a pioneering fixed-rent program, and meticulous guest screening to protect your home. We don't place limits on owner stays, so you can use your home whenever you want to! And we don't pin you down with long-term contracts - we earn your business by exceeding your expectations. Just ask some of our happy homeowners.

Helpful tips for maximizing your home's rental potential

Whether you're just starting to consider turning your vacation home into a lucrative rental or seeking expert advice on how to increase bookings and create memorable guest experiences, we've got you covered! We created our Owner Resources library to share our proven strategies for putting your home ahead of the competition.