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About Vashon

Vacations to Washington's beautiful Olympic Peninsula are always plenty of fun, but rarely let you escape the hustle and bustle of Seattle. For those in search of a quieter, small-town atmosphere - as well as plenty of natural beauty - the town of Vashon is a miracle. Just twenty minutes from Seattle, this small island town lets you enjoy the peace, quiet, and natural surroundings of the Olympic Peninsula without the hassle of staying in the city.

Things to Do in Vashon

The fun starts as you board the ferry that takes you to quiet, beautiful Vashon Island, as orca whales can often be spotted in the Sound during the 20-minute ferry ride. Once you arrive, you have plenty of options for entertainment! Vashon Island is a famed camping and bicycling destination, so bring a tent and your bike along with you. If that sounds too intense, just take it easy at one of the island's gorgeous beaches.

The town of Vashon is quaint and very peaceful. Step out of your vacation rental and walk the charming streets, with fun restaurants like Cafe Luna and ZOMBiEZ to try, as well as shops like Granny's Attic Thrift Shop. Don't forget about the festivals - catch the parades and activities of Vashon Island's famous Strawberry Festival during the summertime, and marvel at the training and tricks of the Sheepdog Classic during June.

Day Trips from Vashon

There are plenty of other towns on Vashon Island waiting for you to explore! Portage is located on a fascinating man-made isthmus, while the famous ferry landing of Tahlequah lies on the southern tip of the island. Speaking of the ferry landing, Washington's ferry system can whisk you away to plenty of great destinations! Port Defiance awaits after a quick ride from Tahlequah. From there, it's just a short drive to the sights and sounds of Tacoma! You can pop back to Seattle by ferry. In addition to districts like the popular district of Queen Anne and the culturally rich International District, the city also gives you access to a ferry to the beaches and outdoor recreation of Bainbridge Island.

A vacation in Vashon lets you have the best of both worlds - the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula without the hectic Seattle surroundings that normally come with it!

Photo Credit: Beth Jusino via Flickr