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Watch passing dolphins from your window, take an early-morning kayak trip, or grill up the day’s catch on your patio at our waterfront vacation rentals.
Lake Tahoe waterfront vacation rental back patio and dock
Hammock outside a Texas vacation rental with lakefront views
Cape Cod waterfront vacation rental back deck with view of the water

Vacation rentals on the water

Whether you’re seeking vivid lake sunsets or gentle sea breezes, our waterfront vacation rentals are perfect for any season. Spend your summer afternoons lying on warm sands or paddling through the waves. In the wintertime, a waterfront vacation rental could mean having the beach all to yourself. Expand your shell collection or find that perfect watercolor spot—the possibilities are endless when it comes to our waterfront cabin rentals.

Seattle waterfront vacation rental back patio and lawn
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Seattle, WA

Seattle is home to Pike Place Market, delicious craft beers, and an influential music scene. Its skyline—complete with the iconic Space Needle—rises over Puget Sound, whose serene waters are perfect for boating. Our Seattle waterfront vacation rentals extend to the beautiful nearby Bainbridge Island and beyond. Experience your own Pacific Northwest escape in one of these Seattle vacation rentals on the water.

Waterfront destinations

From the warm waters of the Gulf Coast to pristine Lake Tahoe, our waterfront vacation rentals offer something for every vacationer.

Top Cape Cod waterfront rentals

Imagine a getaway to quaint cottages, historic lighthouses, and fresh-caught seafood. The ocean is calling—tour these beautiful vacation rentals on the Cape Cod waterfront.