Take a sweet retreat: Eight romantic Smoky Mountain honeymoon cabins

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Once you’ve sliced the cake and made toasts with friends and family, it’s time to wind down and be together—just the two of you. Start your marriage off on the right foot with these four tips (and our eight favorite Smoky Mountain honeymoon cabins).

Don’t go to bed mad. (Play pool instead.)

Good communication can take many forms: using “I” statements, taking breaks when things get too hot, asking questions to glean a better understanding. But there’s also something to be said about a good distraction. Like sinking the eight ball.

Put your phones down. It’s dinner time.

Mealtime is a natural place to cultivate intimacy and spend time catching up with each other, sans technology.

The views are better with the one you love, both inside…

…and out.

Relationships are as much about the adventures as they are about the moments of comfortable silence. Embrace those. Soak in the warmth of a stunning view and the love of your partner.

Remember to always take time for the two of you.

Life will continue to happen: jobs, pets, children, bills, extended family. Give your partnership the love and attention it needs, and you will always have a safe harbor.

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