Vacasa uses a variable rate optimization engine that adjusts rental rates four times a day, every day, for each property. Rates are based on hundreds of variables, including weather forecasts, holidays, location-specific events, competitor pricing and occupancy rates, lead time, current sales and promotions, regional demand trends, proximity to local landmarks, and seasonal demand curves.

This is our preferred rate structure. Owners who choose this dynamic pricing structure are poised to make the most of their vacation rental by earning:

  • Increased revenue
  • More bookings
  • Superior reviews
  • Higher internal ranking
  • Improved visibility in search results

Think of the airline industry: If a flight to a popular destination is filling up, the fare increases. If, on the other hand, the plane is mostly empty, airlines will drop the fare as the departure date approaches to fill as many seats as possible. We’ve applied the same logic to the vacation rental industry. The result is a 20-30% increase in revenue for owners who choose this rate structure.

Vacasa ensures that your rental is performing at its peak all year – not just during peak seasons.

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Author: Vacasa

Vacasa provides comprehensive vacation rental management services to make owners more money with less stress.