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Reviews play a major role in driving bookings to your vacation rental. They help to establish credibility and create trust with guests, and provide you with valuable insights on how to enhance the guest experience.

Guests use reviews to help decide where they should spend their hard-earned money and time off. If they see that others had a poor experience, they’ll likely be reluctant to choose your home. Paying attention to your reviews and implementing feedback from them can help you score more bookings and earn more revenue from your vacation rental.

More reviews = more bookings

Accumulating more reviews helps your home move up in search results on That means your home will be seen more frequently by guests and your bookings will increase. From those additional bookings, you’ll get even more reviews, and then more bookings. See a pattern here?

As demand for your home grows, Vacasa’s advanced yield management algorithm will automatically adjust rates to meet that demand. Your increased bookings will be at a higher nightly rate, so you earn even more.

Small improvements make a big difference

Some of the most successful Vacasa homes are owned by people who read their reviews every week and address guest comments and concerns as promptly as possible. Reviews let you know what you can do to attract more guests. And making these tactful improvements to your home will directly affect guest reviews.

You can leverage any kind of feedback from reviews to make more money from your vacation home. How to do it? In short, fix what’s going to break, replace what can’t be fixed, and add value with strategic purchases that will enhance a guest’s experience. Keep in mind that what might be appealing or long-lasting in your own home might not work the same in your vacation rental.

Repeat guests are best!

Although attracting new guests is important, repeat customers are the foundation on which profitable businesses are built. Return guests are more likely to book in advance and secure a home they love year after year.

They’re also more likely to share their positive experience in online reviews and offline with their friends and family. Despite an increasingly digital influence these days, word-of-mouth can still go a long way.

What about negative reviews?

Nobody wants a negative review, but they’re really a gift from guest to owner. A poor review provides specific feedback on how your vacation rental can be improved—and by acting on it, you can help your home’s performance.

If a guest points out an issue they experienced while staying in your home and you take the time and effort to correct the issue and let them know, you’ve just scored some major brownie points. Being responsive to feedback helps to encourage repeat guests and reassure others that you take comments seriously. Even though the bad review may stick around, so will your response.

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