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Whether you’re already a Vacasa homeowner or whether you’re still learning about our services, you’ve probably heard the term rate optimization. Optimizing rates is how we make our homeowners 34% more money on average, so it’s the key to our success—and yours. But what does rate optimization mean?

Vacasa has developed specialized software that allows us to track and analyze data at the deepest levels. Using this data, we can predict how the short-term rental market will perform, and we set our rates in response to those trends. That’s how we’re able to offer such a great return on your investment.

Our rates aren’t static: they change, sometimes several times a day, in response to fluctuations in the market. Airlines and big-name hotels use the same approach to make sure they don’t leave money on the table.

Unlike other property management companies that simply set on- and off-season prices, Vacasa optimizes rates in real time using a complex set of variables, including:

  • Season and weather conditions
  • Regional events that attract travelers
  • Proximity to popular attractions (e.g., 15 minutes from Disneyland)
  • Specific features of your property (e.g., beach access)
  • How many guests your home can accommodate
  • Timing (last-minute booking discounts, advance booking potential, holidays)

In addition to this sophisticated technology, one of the things that sets Vacasa apart is our dedicated analytics team. These data experts work diligently to customize each home’s unique pricing pattern to maximize profitability. We don’t just knock a few bucks off on weekdays or in the off-season: we leverage huge datasets to get you the ROI you’re looking for.

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Vacasa provides comprehensive vacation rental management services to make owners more money with less stress.