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  • Crested Butte

    Elizabeth H.

    Skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling
  • Crested Butte

    Ali P.

    Absolutely beautiful town.
    We would recommend the Secret Stash to eat and the Dogwood for cocktails <-- the friendliest people.
    If you are not skiing or snowboarding would still recommend going up to the base of the mtn.
  • Crested Butte

    Grant F.

    Secret Stash has amazing pizza
  • Crested Butte

    Ericka H.

  • Crested Butte

    Matthew David H.

  • Crested Butte

    Jenna B.

    We absolutely LOVED being within walking distance to all the restaurants and shops!
  • Crested Butte

    Oraida R.

    Great coffee shop( camp 4 coffee) less than a block away. It serves locally roasted coffee. Also, great restaurant called elk avenue prime. Great lamb chops and waygu steak!
  • Crested Butte

    Leigh M.

    Love the mountains. It's beautiful. Elevation Spain's a treat and great Restirants.
  • Crested Butte

    Marlene M.

    We love Oh Be Joyful Campground and Trail. Be sure not to miss Kebler Pass...bring your camera! Our favorite hangout is always the patio at Brick Oven Pizza and Pub!
  • Crested Butte

    Amy B.

    Wooden Nickel Saloon! Best for and drinks!
  • Crested Butte

    Jenny P.

    Big Al's - bike rentals and info on hiking and mountain biking trails; Dragonfly Outfitters - great guides (Tom), patient and put you on fish; Wooden Nickel, Django good for food - special night at Soupcon.
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  • Crested Butte

    Marla V.

    We did a ton of biking right out of town that was spectacular. The Upper and Lower Loop trails were great, and a few of us drove to the 401 for more of a challenge. We also enjoyed biking to the mountain where we did the Summit Trail hike.
  • Crested Butte

    Grant B.

    Secret stash!
  • Crested Butte

    Camilla T.

    Our favorite family day hikes in the area are the Hasley Pass Loop, West Maroon Pass, the Dark Canyon/Dyke Loop, and Scarps Ridge Loop. Gorgeous! Afterward, it's always wonderful to sit in Montanya Distilleries' garden for a drink before Secret Stash pizza!
  • Crested Butte

    Douglas S.

    West Maroon Bell trail and Haskey Pass were amazing!!
  • Crested Butte

    Cathy B.

    We enjoyed the coffee shop across the street, Soupçon, Gourmet Noodle, and all of the shopping. Great location and fun to watch bike week from the front porch!
  • Crested Butte

    Marguerite H.

    Ginger cafe; Camp 4 Coffee; The Last Steep; Dogwood
    Hiking: Lower Loop; Lupine; Washington Gulch
  • Crested Butte

    Misty D.

    Wooden Nickle and Secret Stash were both great
  • Crested Butte

    Mark B.

    Dinner at Ryce and Secret Stash.
    Breakfast at Mcgills
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