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  • Barnstable

    Noelle L.

    The beach nearby was awesome to walk down to
  • Barnstable

    Christine E.

    Craigsville beach was awesome ... brought 3 and a 2 year old and a 2 month old.
  • Barnstable

    Patrick A.

    The area is absolutely lovely, very close to the beaches and to Hyannis. Chatham and Provincetown are not far either.
  • Barnstable

    Marie D.

    craigeville beach nice beach about a mile down the road.
  • Barnstable

    Julie C.

    Great distance to town and beach, but should be made aware that the beach within walking distance is a SWIM OUT BEACH, and there is no sand at the water unless you do swim or have a canoe.
  • Barnstable

    Edgar P.

    Beach is a short walk from the house, with nice views, great sunsets too.
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