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Willard Beach Vacation Rentals

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The Ocean Street Barn House - South Portland, ME Vacation Rental
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The Shore Road Escape - Cape Elizabeth, ME Vacation Rental
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Willard Retreat - South Portland, ME Vacation Rental

Willard Retreat

South Portland, ME
2 Bed 1 Bath Sleeps 6
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Willard Square Getaway - South Portland, ME Vacation Rental
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Willard Square Overlook - South Portland, ME Vacation Rental
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About Willard Beach

Willard Beach rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 39 reviews Willard beach,
Whether you're enjoying an incredible vacation in gorgeous Portland, Maine, or simply want to experience one of the area's most attractive beaches, the sandy shores, splashing waves, and bevy of activities in Willard Beach make it a destination you won't want to miss!

Where is Willard Beach?

Neighboring the charming Fisherman's Point restaurant and Southern Maine Community College, Willard Beach offers four acres of sand and pebble shoreline to enjoy, along with views of the ferries traversing the dark waters of Simonton Cove. The protected location of this beach makes for calm waters with few waves and a very dog-friendly atmosphere.

Fun in the Sand at Willard Beach

Perfect for visitors to the Pine Tree State looking for a great beach day, Willard Beach offers opportunities for sunning, with sandy spots to admire scenic views of Cushing Island, Ram Island Light, and the other sights of Casco Bay. Delve into a good book with a cool drink as you listen to the buoys clang together alongside the soft chatter of gulls, then refresh at the summertime bathhouse with a shower and an afternoon snack.

There are also plenty of seasonal activities to enjoy on the shoreline. Pet owners will be relieved to learn that their dogs are welcome to join during the summertime for late night and early morning walks along the shore. And summertime visitors to the great state of Maine should seriously consider dropping by during Willardfest - a yearly festival of local artists, musicians, restaurants, and more, which typically occurs during early July.

Lighthouses at Willard Beach

As easy as it is to simply sit back and get comfy on your fluffy beach towel, there's a beautiful trail nearby just waiting for you to explore! The Spring Point Shoreway Trail leads to the famous Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, which has been in operation for well over a century! This historic site is a good educational experience, as well as providing material for some amazing photos of the building and surrounding bay. Best of all, a round-trip hike from the beach to the lighthouse and back is barely over one mile, making it easily accessible!

Another great option is Bug Light Park on the edge of Casco Bay, which features a small, but beautiful lighthouse, and a quiet setting to enjoy a picnic and walk your dog, who will love to join you in your exceptional vacation rental! More lighthouses and viewpoints await nearby in the charming town of Cape Elizabeth if you wish to see more.

Charters at Willard Beach

When the ocean beckons and you crave excitement, it may be time to book a charter. With a medley of large fish swimming just below the waves and an experienced captain leading you to all the best spots, you won't have any trouble hooking a lure! Luckily, there are plenty of charters in the South Portland area that provide a great boat ride with opportunities for fishing - among the best are No Slack, Teazer, and Kristin K Charters. Feel the salty spray, fresh ocean air, and excitement when you go on a nautical adventure and catch the biggest fish you've ever seen!

If lobster sounds more appetizing, visit historic Boothbay Harbor and join a captain for a lobster-hauling expedition, troll for tuna, or rent your own boat to explore the various coves in the region.

Willard Beach is an amazing place to visit in beautiful South Portland, Maine, no matter what you're interested in! Beachcombers, aspiring fishermen, hikers wanting to see the sights, and those simply looking to relax can all come together and find something fun to do. The next time you're in the area, be sure to stop by the sandy shores yourself!

Photo Credit: Corey Templeton via Flickr
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