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Royal Poinciana

$99 - $344  per night
0 Bed | 1 Bath | Sleeps 2
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About The Florida Keys
Seafaring types will be thrilled by all the opportunities to spend time on the water when they choose one of our Florida Keys vacation rentals! Delightfully warm weather, plentiful and fresh seafood, and plenty of beach access are just a few of the benefits of this beautiful region.

Where are the Florida Keys?

The Florida Keys are a chain of coral reef islands off the southern tip of Florida. Beginning 15 miles from Miami and extending in an arc toward Key West, the islands divide the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are connected by a long stretch of road, so take a scenic drive across all the way from Key Largo, near the mainland, to the historical sites of Key West.

The inviting climate can be described as a "tropical savannah," making the Florida Keys a beloved vacation destination for many. It's important to bring lots of light clothing to stay cool in the warm weather, and equally important to not forget the bug spray - those mosquitos are no joke!

Dining in the Florida Keys

The real star of the food scene here is, of course, the local seafood, but by no means is that the extent of the culinary excellence to be found. There are great tapas restaurants, like Santiago's Bodega in Key West. The close proximity to Cuba doesn't disappoint, with the famous Cuban restaurant Bien voted one of the best restaurants in the Florida Keys.

Florida Keys Activities

Plenty of fun options ensure that you can find something special for everyone back home. The fun artisan shops in Islamorada are rife with beautiful items, and there are lots of art galleries where you can find something gorgeous to display on the wall back home.

One of the most fun things to do is simply to rent a boat and get out on the open water. Both experienced sailors striking out on their own and beginners going out under the supervision of a captain will love the rolling waves of Layton. Anglers will wants to bring along their fishing gear and catch something for dinner. Anyone wanting some excitement can try other aquatic adventures, like scuba diving and parasailing.

There are plenty of land-based options as well, like visiting the preserved mango swamps of Marathon or learning about dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center. Or just go back to basics and spend time soaking in the sun on the beach.

Heading to our Florida Keys vacation rentals to relax and soak in the local color is one of the best choices for someone looking to get away from the daily grind. After a few days in your home away from home, you'll wish you could stay forever.
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