If you’re a true Twin Peaks fan like me, there’s no better way to celebrate the return of the show than a visit to Twede’s Cafe in North Bend, Washington. Filmed as the location for the fictional Double R Diner in David Lynch’s 1990-1991 quirky neo-noir TV drama, Twede’s draws dedicated fans for photo ops, a taste of the imagined universe, and “damn fine coffee.”

Take a pilgrimage to see your favorite filming locations, sip coffee while you argue Twin Peaks season three plot predictions, and order yourself a slice of cherry pie—my colleague Kurt, who shared many of his favorite Twin Peaks stops for this article, swears it’s some of the best he’s ever had!

Twede’s Cafe, a.k.a. The Double R Diner

Discover where “pies must go when they die,” to quote Special Agent Dale Cooper, at Twede’s Cafe, just down the road from Snoqualmie and less than 45 minutes from Seattle. Sitting on a corner of the main drag, North Bend Way, Twede’s is immediately recognizable for its beacon-like sign: a bright red “T” with striking Mount Si in the background. Upon entering and heeding the “Please seat yourself” sign, a server may ask right away if you want coffee. Say yes!

Though it embraces its fame through hand-painted Twin Peaks murals outside, branded mugs, and souvenir t-shirts, Twede’s is foremost a staple of North Bend’s historic district. Alongside “Peakers” (as cafe employees call fans of the show), long-time locals patronize the restaurant regardless of its Hollywood connection. Established in 1941 and surviving a fire in 2000, it continues to live up its promise that “No one ever goes away hungry!”

It’s true. Dive into chicken fried steak smothered in peppery gravy or a hot roast beef sandwich with two heaping scoops of real mashed potatoes, then challenge yourself to save room for pie. If it’s not too busy, the servers may let you sit a while and will refill your coffee post-meal until you’re ready for a famous slice.

twin peaks cherry pie
Twin Peaks cherry pie at Twede’s Cafe | Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

“This cherry pie is a miracle.” -The Log Lady

While cherry is the choice for most Peaks pilgrims, since it’s the fictional town’s favorite and Twede’s menu highlights it as “Twin Peaks Cherry Pie,” there’s a variety to chose from, all with a buttery crust. Indulge in banana and chocolate cream, or stay classic with apple. Go Pacific Northwest with boysenberry—get it heated and a la mode. There’s nothing like the taste sensation of sweet, melting vanilla ice cream when it collides with the tartness of a rich berry filling.

When to Visit Twede’s Cafe

Each July, the area hosts the Twin Peaks Festival, which culminates with breakfast at the “Double R Diner.” Unless you’re Audrey Horne and you always get what you want, avoid visiting Twede’s for the first time during the festival so you can enjoy the down-to-earth atmosphere of this small-town standby.

Northern Pacific Bridge
Northern Pacific Bridge | Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

More Twin Peaks Filming Locations

Even if a misty rain is falling, spend your afternoon tracking down a few of Western Washington’s Twin Peaks filming locations.

Remember the lonely trestle bridge Ronnette managed to cross in the show’s pilot? Located north of Twede’s off of Reinig Road, it’s now part of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. A third of a mile east is a vista you’ll recognize from the opening credits: the site of the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign.

Next, cross over into neighboring Snoqualmie to one of Washington’s most famous landmarks: Snoqualmie Falls. Whether you come with your hiking boots laced or just your phone fully charged for Instagram pics, the roar of the 269-foot falls is hard to miss. Perched right above the falls is Salish Lodge and Spa, which you’ll recognize as Ben Horne’s Great Northern Hotel—but only by the exterior. The natural wood interiors were shot at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo, Washington on Puget Sound.

Snoqualmie Falls
Snoqualmie Falls | Photo courtesy of staticflickr.com

Non-Peaks Things To Do in Snoqualmie and North Bend

Together, the towns of North Bend and Snoqualmie claim just under 18,000 residents, significantly less than the 51,201 on Twin Peaks’ welcome sign. That said, there is still a lot more than the allure of the Black Lodge when it comes to these two charming villages. If you’re dragging along a friend who just doesn’t get David Lynch, they won’t be disappointed.

There’s a number of vistas and trails throughout the Snoqualmie Pass. There are doughnuts bigger than a Douglas fir at Georgia’s Bakery. See what’s showing at the art deco North Bend Theater, then sample beers at Snoqualmie Brewery and Taproom. Dine fireside at North Bend Bar and Grill or treat yourself to a massage at Salish Lodge and Spa. History and engineering buffs will enjoy the Northwest Railway Museum.

If you’re eagerly awaiting to see how the series continues, or if you’re in the middle of binge-watching it for the first time, a visit to Twede’s Cafe is a delightful experience. Take a slice of advice from Agent Cooper: “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present!”

Article written by Angela Bayout

Originally published on Huffington Post / Featured image courtesy of Jeff Hitchcock

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