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There’s no time like summer time to take a break from the daily grind in favor of pristine beaches, secluded high-desert retreats, and historic cities bathed in sunshine. And, according to AAA, a whopping 100 million Americans are embarking on summer getaways with family this year.

Thousands of people in the U.S. only have 10 precious days off per year, so choosing where and when to take their long-awaited—and very well-earned—vacation can prove challenging. While some travelers have their go-to spots, others crave the experience of discovering somewhere new.

To get to the heart of what guests want most for their summer getaway, we first identified top vacation rental destinations, then polled U.S. travelers on their likes and dislikes. The end result is Vacasa’s Summer Travel Trends report, which reveals compelling insights and tips to help you plan the perfect summer vacation.

So, what are the hottest, most coveted vacation rental destinations during the summer months, you ask? We combed through a comprehensive set of Vacasa and partner data to find the top 10 summer vacation destinations in our markets—looking at combined occupancy during June, July, and August, spanning 2017 through 2019.

But, we know that some prefer the road less traveled. That’s why our travel experts also identified undiscovered towns and smaller cities near our popular summer getaways, with a similar look and feel. These hidden gems allow travelers to escape flocks of tourists, endless lines, and crowded restaurants. Plus, they can score some deals.

For this next portion of our Summer Travel Trends report, we teamed up with Allison+Partners in April 2019 to survey 1,017 Americans over the age of 18. Fielding was conducted on the Qualtrics Insight Platform and the panel was sourced from Lucid. Respondents were given the opportunity to select multiple answers to each question.

Those who are staying in a vacation rental this summer say location (57%) is the most important feature, followed by views and natural scenery (20%). But what else did we learn about our summer travelers? Let’s dive right in.

How do travelers define themselves?

Chill masters

It’s clear the primary mission for most summertime travelers is to escape the stress of day-to-day life in favor of some major R&R.

Where are they going?

Keeping it red, white, and blue

Most people are staying in the U.S. and keeping it local.

Beachin' it

It’s no surprise that the beach trumps all during the summer time. But, we were intrigued to see that National Parks and ideal hiking spots came in as a close second for travelers at 69%, followed by retreating to the countryside (47%), and exploring a city (40%).

When are they going, and for how long?

July 4th > Memorial Day + Labor Day

This is one equation we didn’t see coming. More people are traveling on July 4th than Memorial Day and Labor Day combined. July 4th is on a Thursday this year, so it’s a safe bet that most will be using their PTO to make it a long weekend—or just calling in sick. We call that vacation fever (and we get it).

Taking their time

Americans are using the bulk of their PTO over the summer, with the majority taking one week or more for their vacations.

How are they getting there?


Jack Kerouac-inspired road trips are trending for everyone this year—well, except Gen Z-ers. Seventy percent of Gen Z will fly compared to 56% of Millennials and even lower numbers for other generations. Only 53% of Gen Z will drive compared to 76% of individuals 74 years of age or older.

What’s their travel budget?

Four+ digits

With the average full-time worker in the U.S. earning about $905 per week according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it appears people are budgeting nearly three weeks’ worth of pay for their summer vacation. Given that more people described themselves as super savers (19%) than high rollers (16%), this shows how much travelers value their time away. When it comes to high rollers, they’re spending upwards of $6,000 on their vacations this year. Keep in mind, some are only taking weekend trips while others are investing more time.

Interestingly, we found that women tend to be more cost-conscious on vacation than men. Fifty-three percent of women indicated that cost/expense was one of the most important factors in selecting a vacation destination for a summer getaway, while only 41% of men said the same. Likewise, men plan to spend more, budgeting $2,958 on average compared to $2,410 for women.

Who’s coming with them?

An S/O

The majority of our survey sample described themselves as married, so it’s a good thing they’re planning on bringing their S/O along. Runners-up included children (38%), followed by friends (27%).

What are they doing on vacation?

Building meaningful connections

Overall, respondents with summer travel plans said that the primary driver behind their vacation was spending quality time with family (28%). But, it’s worth noting that individuals who are separated or have never been married chose fun as their number one priority (at 37% and 30%, respectively).

Only a handful of people are traveling this summer for a special occasion like a wedding or a concert, coming in at 6%.

Hitting up local attractions

Travelers are most drawn to the local scene where they’re staying, including museums and iconic parks. It’s evident they want to immerse themselves in the culture and scenery, and more than a quarter agree that staying in a vacation rental helps them do just that.

Galveston Texas beach and pier
Attractions: 28%
Aerial view of Santa Cruz beach boardwalk
Beach life: 27%
Group enjoying wine around a vacation rental outdoor patio table
Visiting friends or family: 24%

To recap: some Americans are hitting up international hotspots like Rome, Italy, while others are digging the California shores. The majority are filling up their gas tanks and curating Spotify playlists to unwind with their S/Os on a beach not too far from home, or they’re going for wanderlust in a National Park. They’re taking as many days off as they can and crunching the numbers to enjoy time with their loved ones, experience the local scene, and let loose.

One thing is for sure: summer travel is heating up, and if you haven’t planned your vacation yet, you’re already behind. But there’s no need to stress, because we’re here for you—whether you’re seeking an unbeatable European sunset or a cabin retreat in the mountains.

Lock down your summer getaway with Vacasa today. Or, if you’ve already made reservations for a summer vacation, book another. Honestly, you deserve it.

Percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number.

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