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Dedicated local home care

  • Vacasa knows Central Oregon

    Vacasa knows Central Oregon

    The trusted manager for homeowners of over 500 vacation rentals in the area.

  • Excellent cleaning

    Excellent cleaning

    Our Central Oregon vacation homes receive an impressive average cleaning score with 87% providing a score of at least 4 out of 5.

  • The local team always has your back

    The local team always has your back

    Your vacation home gets the attention it deserves with 110 local operation team members in Central Oregon.

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When it comes to your vacation home, embrace the idea of more—more bookings, income, and home care. we'll handle it all so that you don’t have to.

How this homeowner simplified the good life

"I can be seven hours away and not have to think about anything other than, ‘Is somebody staying there today?'"
—Danielle M., Rockaway Beach, OR
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What our guests think

Making sure things go right and being there when they don’t—it’s what we do at Vacasa Central Oregon. We offer your guests 24/7 guest service and on-site help for an effortless vacation.