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About La Push

Looking for a quiet, out-of-the-way spot for your next vacation to Washington's stunning Olympic Peninsula? Look no further than our vacation rentals in the tiny town of La Push! Surrounded by incredible beaches and a wide variety of destinations for day trips, this small town is perfect for those looking to just get away from it all with a few of your favorite people.

What to Do in La Push, WA

Part of the Quileute Reservation, La Push is a small, closely-knit community of less than 400 people, which gives the few restaurants and shops a character that's utterly unique. River's Edge Restaurant, for example, is a fantastic place for lunch, with amazing views of the Quileute Marina. As you walk south, you can admire the history and indigenous artwork outside the Quileute Tribal Council building.

Soon, you'll arrive at the Lonesome Creek Store, the premier place for picking up snacks and sundries in town. First Beach, with soft sands and an interesting layer of driftwood, is just across the street! As you walk back to your vacation rental, keep an eye out for familiar locations. La Push is an important setting in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, so don't be surprised if you run into a few buildings or streets right from the movies!

Beaches & Natural Beauty in La Push, WA

La Push's beaches - gorgeous in both sunshine and the overcast weather that characterizes northern Washington - are among the best reasons to visit the town. In addition to First Beach, visitors have easy access to Rialto Beach, which is just to the north. The shores are dense with smooth stones and driftwood, with outcroppings like Little James Island and tidepools to explore.

South of town, you'll find Second and Third Beach. Both beaches are surrounded by dense forests, giving them a unique sense of isolation. Whether you prefer the mossy stones of Second Beach or the pebbly shores of Third Beach, you're sure to have a great time.

Don't forget about freshwater fun! The Quillayute River runs just north of town, offering fishing opportunities for salmon and steelhead trout. If you're visiting in the summertime, you can give tubing a try, or head 26 miles north to Ozette Lake for some relaxing swimming before heading back for a memorable evening and restful sleep at your vacation rental.

Day Trips from La Push, WA

If the Twilight-reminiscent scenery of La Push delighted you, you'll definitely want to pay Forks a visit! Just 15 miles to the east, the small town is host to several important locations from the books and movies, and plenty of tour companies are happy to make sure you see everything worth seeing.

When you've had your fill of small-town sights, you can head 31 miles south of Forks to Hoh National Rainforest, with breathtaking beauty available on all of its mossy, tree-framed trails. Don't forget Port Angeles - just 69 miles away, the town's ferry landing lets you explore locations as far-flung as the San Juan Islands or Victoria, BC!

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Photo Credit: Jerry McFarland via Flickr