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About Zillah
Zillah is the perfect place for an idyllic Washington getaway. The town is rich in rustic charm, with plenty of natural beauty nearby in the form of creeks and lakes. You won't have any trouble finding a cute souvenir shop or world-class winery to explore, and our Zillah vacation rentals offer peaceful comfort to return to.

Where is Zillah, WA?

Zillah lies near the center of the Evergreen State, on the flowing banks of the Yakima River. The town of Yakima itself is 20 miles to the north, providing plenty of historic attractions, shopping, dining, and parks to explore. Otherwise, our Zillah vacation rentals are out of the way, far from bustling cities and crowds of tourists - and that's all part of the charm. 

Things to Do in Zillah, WA 

For a true taste of elegance, make sure to stop by one of Zillah's wineries. From Whisper Ridge Winery to VanArnam Vineyards, each venue offers its own unique vintages with an amazing atmosphere. For something more casual, Zillah has a few quirky local sights. These include the unique Teapot Dome Gas Station and the Church of God, Zillah's wireframe sculpture of a familiar movie monster. 

Before returning home, be sure to treat yourself to fresh air at the lakes and surrounding nature trails. Bring a mountain bike for fast-paced exploring or pack a lunch and a camera to slow down and capture the moment. Grab your fishing pole and tackle then head to one of the nearby creeks or dams - if you're lucky, you might score some dinner!

Whether you're after rest or adventure, you'll find it at our Zillah vacation rentals.

Photo credit: Jeff Keyzer via Flickr